Where can I find a large quantity of coconut water?

  • I'm looking for a large size of coconut water. I don't want to buy small sizes that will cost me a lot of money each time I purchase them. I am also looking for a fat free almond or coconut milk. Any suggestions?

    RudiJones90   by: RudiJones90
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    bbedford05  6 months ago by: bbedford05

    I buy it on amazon, shipping is free and it seems to be the best price.

    • jjchantel
      jjchantel 6 months ago

      almond breeze vanilla unsweetend is the bombdotcom! they sell it @ target, walmart etc.It has about 2.5g of fat, but it's not saturated (bad fats) so it's probably polyunsaturated which in moderation, is very good for you.
      Try Trader Joe's or another health food store for the coco water in bulk

    • RudiJones90
      RudiJones90 6 months ago

      Thank you all for your answers! I'll try Trader Joe's first before I buy it online.

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