Where category does mayonnaise fall under in the Balance stage?

  • For ex: if I have something that I know is made with mayo, how many points do I deduct?

    helloteenahh   by: helloteenahh
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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    I would deduct one point for mayo because it is made with soybean oil.

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    SkylarChastain  over 1 year ago by: SkylarChastain

    You can find mayo made with canola oil, so you wouldn't have to deduct a point. I still use it sparingly, though.

    • editress
      editress over 1 year ago

      Actually canola oil is one of the evil oils.

    • kcandle
      kcandle 9 months ago

      Hellman's makes an olive oil mayo. Doesn't mayo have sugar?

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