Where do I find personalized workout programs?

  • It is advertised that dailyburn offers prersonalized workout programs but I cannot find them anywhere!

    mrdennis   by: mrdennis
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Did you fill in the questionnaire upon signing up? If not, you can do it here: http://dailyburn.com/users/mi... /survey . Your workout programs and nutrition suggestions are based upon your personal preferences and goals. Intelliburn then chooses your daily workouts based on this to give you the quickest and most efficient way of reaching your goals.

    • mrdennis
      mrdennis 10 months ago

      Yes, I did fill in the sign-up test.

      However, a friend of mine also signed up and he has the same videos suggested and in the workout list as I do... Is there a mistake?

      What exactly is Intelliburn? Isn't it just counting the calories burned?

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