Where is the workout calendar located on the newest version of the daily burn website?

  • I recently signed up for the 30-day free trial and have read in the "community section" about people using workout calendars located on the site, but ... where are these calendars? Were they part of the older version of daily burn? I cannot find a workout calendar anywhere. Please advise. Thanks much.

    360fit   by: 360fit
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    sflores  over 1 year ago by: sflores

    I signed up for inferno so my calendar was pre filled in for those work outs.

    • 360fit
      360fit over 1 year ago

      Thanks very much. Where does the calendar appear?

    • CharlieW77
      CharlieW77 over 1 year ago

      It's on the main workout page. On the right side next to the comments section, there is a "This Week" section and at the bottom there is a "View Full Calendar" link.

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