Which muscles?

  • It would be great if you can see what muscles ( / part of you're body) you are going to train with every video.
    Now it is a suprise everytime you start youre workout.

    JickedWim   by: JickedWim
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    buckry  over 3 years ago by: buckry

    I would love this feature.

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    GaryK  almost 3 years ago by: GaryK

    Yes, I agree I would like the option to see upper body or lower body work outs as well.

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    seeEricaRun  over 3 years ago by: seeEricaRun


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    usmcdogg  over 2 years ago by: usmcdogg


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    terpgomer  over 2 years ago by: terpgomer

    Just go really intense, and see what hurts the next day! LOL

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