Which Program Is Best For Bad Knees?

  • I currently have tendonitis in my left knee, and can't really do strenuous lower body stuff, but I don't want to fall out of my workout routine. Which program on here are good to do if you have bad knees?

    worengo   by: worengo
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    Neptune8265  11 months ago by: Neptune8265

    I would try True Beginner Personally. But I think your Dr. might have the best answer.

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    DollFin511  10 months ago by: DollFin511

    I have trouble with my knees, too, and the True Beginner has been really good for me. I can't do a lot of jumping type exercises, and I can't do fast lunges. So I really like the True Beginner workouts, I just push myself a little more than they say to.

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    randomfatkid  10 months ago by: randomfatkid

    I would definitely start out with True Beginner. It's designed for those coming off injuries or who've never really worked out before. There's modifications for the exercises that can help alleviate any strain or discomfort. Definitely check the program out and if you have questions about some of the movements, check with your doctor to see if it's right for you.

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