Which program to start next? Cardio Sculpt or Move?

  • I'm finishing my first 28 days of the TBT program (which I loved!) but I love variety and don't think I want to do another full month of TBT. I'm looking to shred a few pounds and tone up before vacation in 1 month. I'd love to hear from anyone who's done either program (or both) with what they've thought of them and the success they've had. Thanks everyone

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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    I am currently doing cardio sculpt. I have not been sticking with it every day, but most days. I really lost the weight doing the Ignite nutrition program along with cardio sculpt. Cardio sculpt is fun because it is a different trainer each day, and you are doing different things each day. Also, it switches videos after about a month so you get all new videos to do, which makes it less boring.

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    j4peace  about 2 years ago by: j4peace

    I have been doing Cardio Sculpt and following the schedule. I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks and I really do enjoy the variety. I have to admit the first two weeks of the program are pretty much the same workouts over and over, however this week they added Lean Abs into the work out and according to the calendar it continues to diversity. I recommend Cardio Sculpt...just remember it's 90 days. Good luck!

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    anjag  about 2 years ago by: anjag

    All of them are great!! How about comin over to me at INFERNO too! :)

    • meggiedew
      meggiedew 10 months ago

      I'm not sure I'm ready to hang with the Inferno crew quite yet, but my goal is to get there!!

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    meggiedew  about 2 years ago by: meggiedew

    Thanks for the input everyone. I decided to do Cardio Sculpt, day 8 and loving it.

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