which type of work out would be best for some one with severe digenrative arthritis in there lumbar spine.

  • 4 hurniated disks L1-L5 and S1, digenrative arthritis bursitis are some of my issues.. I need to try and work out but always seem to hurt my self any recommedations on what could get me moving with out putting me in a hospital.

    disumia   by: disumia
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  5 months ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    We'd recommend talking to your doctor to make sure you're cleared to work out, but True Beginner could be a good place to start.

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    barefootsoul  5 months ago by: barefootsoul

    Disumia hello I've just joined daily burn and have a goal of 50 pounds to lose and more after that but for now S L O W and steady. I have the same thing but am able to stretch and move a bit better than you are I believe. I have a pin in my right elbow from a fall I took and broke both feet the prior year from a tumble off the porch.
    As far as these type injuries no one can recommend things to us legally anyway we always get referred back to our doctors but I encourage you to listen to your own body not the video you are watching. Yoga and stretching has far more benefits than we realize. I'm no expert but I know it surely gets my body feeling limber again and limber is a GOOD THING. I'm going to start with the stretching and modify a bit with some light dancing of my own to music I enjoy. Five minutes a day 5 times a day is better than believing you will never get better. Please don't hurt yourself but listen to your body!!

    Hugs, Barefootsoul

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