Which Workout is BEST to start with?

  • I have worked out using the FIRM for many years, but always quit, so I am no beginner, yet I don't want to hurt myself. It started me out on the beginner, and day 1 was fun, I was sweating, but it didn't feel challenging enough, yet i only have about 30 mins.

    Should I do the cardio/sculpt, beginner, or the 15 in 15.

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    AltGirlTX  11 months ago by: AltGirlTX

    Cardio Sculpt is a great program for someone who doesn't need True Beginner but isn't already basically an athlete like Inferno requires, but there are many programs in Cardio Sculpt that are longer than 30 minutes (more like 35-45 and one is 50).

    You could always use Discover, filter the workouts by Difficulty Level (on the right-hand side), and then you can see each Intermediate workout and how long it is. It's not a program that way, but it may fit your time needs and difficulty level better, and it would include the 15-minute workouts in the results as well.

    Good luck! I bet you'll find Daily Burn is going to keep you coming back!

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