Which workouts do you recommend for someone who is in the lates stages of pregnancy?

  • I'm 8.5 months pregnant and I'm already relatively active as I've been walking and exercising throughout my pregnancy. However, some moves can be difficult when you are this pregnant. What do you recommend?

    Snowgrrl83   by: Snowgrrl83
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    zetajen  about 1 year ago by: zetajen

    congrats on your little bun in the oven. I did yoga while pregnant with some modifications to accommodate the belly. the dance videos should be good for you too.
    disclaimer, I am not a medical professional:)

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    kellylutz18065  about 1 year ago by: kellylutz18065

    I think you should ask your doctor what you can or cannot do. I did just about everything during my pregnancies, however, every pregnancy and person is different. Your doctor knows best.

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    Georgiabarrett103111  about 1 year ago by: Georgiabarrett103111

    There is this new What to Expect when your expecting exercise program now. That may be useful.

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