Which workouts have I done?

  • Is there a log of all the workouts I have done somewhere? The calendar shows the scheduled workouts but I cannot find where I can see a history of what I have done.

    SelinaV   by: SelinaV
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    TamaraDailyBurn  10 months ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    I'm sorry to say that there currently isn't a way to track all of the workouts you've completed on DailyBurn. We know that it is important to be able to track all of the hard work you've done, so please accept our apologies for the inconveniences this may cause. Just know that we're logging in these requests and they are being considered for possible future updates to the site.

    • teri4rose
      teri4rose 10 months ago

      Also if there were a space to record our personal comments about a particular video (ie, what modifications we made, rep count, etc.) that would be amazing. That way we could see our improvement over time.

    • GaryTuwe
      GaryTuwe 10 months ago

      I would concur. I'd love to be able to track my workouts.

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