Who has lost weight with Ignite?

  • I've lost 5 lbs since starting Ignite! I'm so excited! I've also noticed more ab definition and my post-Christmas abdominal bloating has gone down. Has anyone else lost weight?

    KateHough   by: KateHough
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    rhaden  over 2 years ago by: rhaden

    5 pounds here, too. I can't say I enjoy Ignite, but I see weight loss every day on my digital scale.

    • KateHough
      KateHough 10 months ago

      Stick with it! It's only 21 days, and the results are worth it.

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    chrisminniti  over 2 years ago by: chrisminniti

    I posted this in a similar thread:
    24lbs since October. Didn't follow the diet, or video plan. I just picked the ones I felt like doing.

    • chrisminniti
      chrisminniti 10 months ago

      just realized that you were talking about Ignite not Intelliburn. Sorry. Never tried the diet.

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    RWinzer  over 2 years ago by: RWinzer

    Started on Monday (didn't hit finish my online prep till Wed even though I started - was disappointed I couldn't adjust the dates). BUT, I've still lost 3 pounds. I'm trying to lose 15 pounds and have just been STUCK. The Evil6 is a lot to give up - as usually even the "healthy" stuff I eat (like my steel cut oats with blueberries) is on the no no list. But I'm sticking to it for the 21 days!

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