Why am I continuing to gain weight?

  • I just don't get it. I'm on week 2 of cardio sculpt, I've done Move! for a week and completed the db15 program. I'm not on ignite, but I've been maintaining a good blend of healthy calories and only a max of 1200 a day. I seem to be bouncing back and forth by 4-5 pounds; I lose one I gain back 4, I lose 6 and I gain back 7. What am I doing wrong?????

    LadyBerlynn   by: LadyBerlynn
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    LBKLBK  over 1 year ago by: LBKLBK

    I think you should stop weighing yourself and feed your body a little more. It sounds like the two of you are at odds with each other. You want to go down and your body wants to stay still. Maybe a compromise is in order. Continue working out but add some calories for a bit and remove the scale as a source of stress.

    • LadyBerlynn
      LadyBerlynn over 1 year ago

      hmm that's a good idea! It's not the best scale either (old and crappy and accuracy is questionable) I've tried increasing my protein consumption a bit (I'm always craving meat) and hopefully the good extra calories I'm eating will help. Thanks for your advice!

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    Mayhem  over 1 year ago by: Mayhem

    I can't seem to get the scale to move either, however I do notice more muscle tone and my clothes fit 100 times better (baggier?) I would use the scale as another tool, not the only tool. More energy, looser clothes, toner face and body? If the answer is yes you're getting results. Also, I suggest only weighing yourself one or twice a week, same day and time. Water gain or loss plays a large role in the final number.

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    cjrutherford  over 1 year ago by: cjrutherford

    Don't starve yourself and don't let yourself down! You're probably losing fat and building muscle faster. (Muscle weighs more than fat.) I've been on Cardio Sculpt for about a month now, and I'm really starting to notice that my belly is starting to tighten up. Hang in there! I started eating Vegan almost a year ago, and the lack of animal fat caused me to lose about 20lbs, but it's a double edged sword. The fact that I am working with a lower variety of protein in my diet caused me to lose muscle content in my body. I can feel those muscles now that I've been working them lately. I started DB at 155 lbs, and I'm hovering at 151.6-ish. I hear you, but I'm going through it to.

    • LadyBerlynn
      LadyBerlynn over 1 year ago

      I wondered if it might have been muscle weight I was gaining. It's good to know I'm not alone in this struggle. Thanks!

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    skhadija  over 1 year ago by: skhadija

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    It does sound like you need to eat more calories. 1500 should be the absolute least amount of calories your are eating. Also, remember that food quality counts more than food quantity. 1200 calories of bread, dairy, and processed foods might cause you to gain weight, while 2000 calories of meat, vegetables, and healthy fats might cause you to lose weight. The body is a funny thing. I agree with LBKLBK. Weight is not the best marker of success, but your energy levels and how your clothes fit are! Keep up the good work, don't quit, and look at the quality of your food choices.

    • LadyBerlynn
      LadyBerlynn over 1 year ago

      That's true. I have had more energy and I've lost about an inch around my middle.

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    keairal  over 1 year ago by: keairal

    I eat about 5 to 6 small healthy meals a day and continue to stay active. It definitely helps to feed the body so that you have energy to help you drop those calories. I also stay away from the scale. I just dance, eat healthy and continue to transform my body into something I feel good about. :-) P.S. Glad you joined me on the dance floor. Keep coming back. Stay consistent and you should see and feel awesome results!

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