Why am I gaining weight and inches?

  • I have been working out consistently with daily burn for over a year and a half. I've done Intelliburn, Inferno, Core and Kettlebells. I have also been watching what I eat. During that time period I have gained 15 lbs. I've also gained inches in my waist and hips and have not seen any changes at all in my ab area. I guess the only places I've seen any changes are in my shoulders and slightly in my arms. What am I doing wrong? Am I just destined to be fat?

    Coolmeeko   by: Coolmeeko
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    brittney81895  10 months ago by: brittney81895

    You should consult your PCP you might have an underlying health condition preventing you from reaching your goal. If you have no health concerns you might consider joining a fitness center for at least 3-4 months and work with a personal trainers. Good luck!

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    todaysthedayjay  10 months ago by: todaysthedayjay

    "Watching" what you eat is far different than actually logging your intake. You really will open your eyes if you actually track the caloric intake. There is a significant amount of studies that show we underestimate our caloric intake substantially. There is also a growing science to suggest not only do we underestimate our intake, that effect is heightened when he exercise because he tend to consume more AND we tend to think we have "earned" the extra calories or that they wont have as much effect.
    Given that you've been working out for over a year and a half, and you've actually put on 15 pounds (im assuming that it is 15 lbs of fat and not lean muscle, else you'd probably not be complaining) then the period of time is long enough to outrun any up and down fluctuations associated with day to day food digestion, water retention or your body just being your body. Therefore, ruling out the up and downs associated with interim body weight fluctuations, you are simply consuming too many calories. OR . . .
    If a caloric surplus is not the reason why you are putting on weight, then you may have a medical reason, which you should have checked out. I suspect, from experience, that if you are gaining weight, working out, and then you go to a doctor, they will do tests but they will also ask you to log your food intake.
    But the fact is, absent a medical condition, over the long run, and fully appreciating that not all calories are equal on a micronutrient level, the basic math of calories in, calories out governs our bodies.

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      t0348279 10 months ago

      I was in the same boat as you I had been in a gym fir two solid months 6 days a week and watching what I ate I gained weight and inches. Try the ignite portion and follow it to the letter. I mean exactly as it is written. There is a of limits list and a ok list. When I added in the correct food source the weight started coming off. Currently down 15 pounds.

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