why am I gaining weight instead of losing it

  • Advice please! It's been 2 weeks since I started daily burn and I can tell is working, I feel stronger and tighter, but I've gained 8 pounds. I'm doing the true beginner program since I'm coming back from just having a baby and working out everyday- somedays even doing extra videos. I know muscle weighs more than fat and perhaps I'm gaining muscle but it's super discouraging to see the number on the scale going up instead of down. I'm avoiding daily weighings, trying to only do it once our twice a week. I've changed my diet and reduced the amount of food I'm eating daily and on top of that I'm breastfeeding- which is supposed to burn extra calories. How can I start shedding pounds?!

    Gaelyn17   by: Gaelyn17
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    Coachcorinne  about 1 year ago by: Coachcorinne

    Try to avoid the scale. A better way to gage progress is measurements. Too much emphasis has been placed on the numbers on the scale. Take measurements! I am a personal trainer and gymnastics coach (I signed up for the free trial out of curiosity). I don't weigh my clients. I take measurements and photos! Make sure you are drinking enough water. Also, it's important to remember you did just have a baby. Your body is still adjusting to inflammation caused by the pregnancy and birth. Hormones are also balancing back out. These all play major roles. Worry less about the scale and place more emphasis on how you look and more importantly how you feel.

    • watergirl141
      watergirl141 10 months ago

      I'm experiencing the same thing only I've now gained 5 lbs. and I have measured and I've lost zero inches. But I'm up a size in pants. I'm using a food journal and a fitbit and drinking lots of water. I started out wanting to lose 8 lbs now I need to lose 13 lbs. I feel like I'm wasting my time, money and energy and should just learn to accept were I'm at. Very discouraged.

    • doribork
      doribork 10 months ago

      Absolutely agree with Coach Corinne. 8 pounds is not muscle versus fat, it takes much longer for that conversion to happen. But like already mentioned your body is going through a balancing act with the hormones and inflammation. Please make sure you are eating enough calories to support a nursing mom. And like mentioned drink a lot of water. Don't get on the scale at all. That isn't a real way of measuring results for right now. If your clothes are fitting better and you are feeling stronger and healthier concentrate on that. At the end of 90 days I bet you will have lost all the baby weight and have lots of energy to chase that little peanut around. Good luck and be patient with your self. :)

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    asmith13xxx  about 1 year ago by: asmith13xxx

    Are you making sure your getting the right calorie to exercise ratio? You may not be getting enough calories and your body is going into fight or flight mode and holding onto excess fats for fear it won't get the food it needs. Please look at your height and weight and determine the calories you should be consuming. Also, if your doing extra workouts and breastfeeding you need to compensate for those as well. Your body is probably confused with all the deficit and not letting go of what it needs to thrive.

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    morrilin  about 1 year ago by: morrilin

    You're probably gaining muscle in place of fat, Muscle weighs more than fat, but it's leaner - more compact. So maybe check your measurements. Even though you've gained pound(s) you probably have lost inches. Hence that lovely tight, strong, no-jiggle feel!

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