Why am I getting such a variance in estimated calories burned on the same workout?

  • I'm not using a monitor so I know it's just an estimate, but one day I burned over 400 doing cardio sculpt. Today it said I burned 39. What gives?

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    crystal99224  11 months ago by: crystal99224

    I seriously think if you want to know how many calories you're burning you should just invest in a heart rate monitor. I have one that I use on EVERY work out that I do. The amount of calories you burn depends on a variety of things, such as weight, how hard you/your heart is working, etc.

    I did one of the workouts yesterday and even though my heart rate got higher faster, and I'm probably heavier than the people in the videos, my monitor told me I was around 20-30 calories behind them. So in order to get a true gauge of what you're burning, I'd say just if you can, get a heart rate monitor!

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      crystal99224 10 months ago

      I also wanted to add that I just finished the Total Cardio Tabata Transformation and I wore my heart rate monitor, the summary screen of Daily Burn told me I burned 621 calories. In reality I burned 400... So just be aware that there is major exaggeration when it comes to some results.

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