Why am I losing inches but not weight

  • I am aware that muscle weighs more than fat but I also know that you cannot build muscle as quickly as you can burn fat so.....I'd love to know why I have managed to lose 4 inches in one week but only 1 lb???? I am soooooo frustrated I want to scream.

    sarajsummers   by: sarajsummers
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    JoeyP  over 1 year ago by: JoeyP

    Yeah you're losing some water and that will account for some inches
    But the body has a way of redistributing weight to accomodate for the stress you are putting on it .... the exercise routines that you are doing
    I know that it's hard to do but the scale is an imperfect gauge on how you are doing
    Instead focus on 2 things ... The mirror and how you are feeling

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    Drmonroedvm  over 1 year ago by: Drmonroedvm

    I've stopped weighing myself weekly because of feeling frustrated. I now only weigh myself once or twice a month and it's helped immensely in my psyche. I just started focusing on how strong I was getting and how each workout was going faster. Stay positive and know we all see "bad weeks". Stick with it and you know the results will shine through.

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