Why am I not getting an accurate Count of calories burned when I'm wearing a heart rate monitor?

  • I'm wearing a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. It connects just fine. But I don't seem to be getting a read on the calories burned. Before I start the work out it tells me an estimate of how much I should burn, but by the end of the work out it tells me I've burned exactly what the estimate was before I even started working out. This is obviously not accurate. Also on the iPad app on the bottom right-hand corner where it says calories it always says zero. Why am I not getting an accurate calorie burn when I'm wearing a heart rate monitor? Thanks

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    yuzadellenuvole  7 months ago by: yuzadellenuvole

    Using a bluethooth heart rate monitor, last iphone version of the app and streaming the video via apple tv I always obtain 0 calories burned during the workout (but I am sure the heart rate monitor works because I can see my heart rate on the second screen). Something doesn't work! Please update the app!!!

    • Nani11
      Nani11 26 days ago

      I guess nobody from dailyburn really cares about this issues, I have the same problem! The whole idea of it should be to see your realtime statistics! really disappointing from DB!

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