Why am I so hungry?

  • I am five days into ignite and am doing really well with everything other than the fact that I am soooo hungry! The recommended meals and snacks are not enough. I am drinking plenty of water and trying to distract myself, but Im still so hungry, not thirsty, hungry. I am nursing and I know that makes some difference, but just curious if Im alone in this?

    katiesuemiller   by: katiesuemiller
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    Nikafab  10 months ago by: Nikafab

    I have the same problem minus the nursing. As I write this I'm fighting the temptation of eating something. My craving right now is chocolate. I'm awake at 5:30am and don't hit the hay until 10:30pm or 11pm. So, I can truly say the meal plan isn't enough or something. However, double check with your doctor because it maybe a bad idea to reduce your calorie intake since your nursing because it may affect your milk supply. Sadly, I ruined my milk supply when I nursed because I wasn't eating enough to produce the milk. Definitely double check with your doctor. Hopefully, someone will answer your question because being hungry is driving me nuts.

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    DollFin511  10 months ago by: DollFin511

    Eat more. If you are hungry, especially while you are nursing, eat something. Make it something healthy but with some healthy fats, like a small salad with olive oil and vinegar, or some steamed veggies with a little butter, or some nuts. Then drink a big glass of water and give it 20 or so minutes, and see if you are still hungry. Fat helps you feel full. If after the 20 minutes you are still hungry, you might need to eat more calories on a regular basis. Just make sure they are the RIGHT calories.

    OH and make sure you are getting enough protein! 30 grams at breakfast, and at least 60 for the whole day, especially since you are working out (I assume).

    • CabinFever
      CabinFever 10 months ago

      I agree with "Eat More". The plan states it is not a calorie based plan and you need to eat to satisfaction, just watch that the portions do not get out of hand. I tend to buy the bigger pork chops and chicken breasts than what is considered "ideal". I don't worry about it because I am still loosing weight.

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