Why aren't potato chips allowed (in smart servings)

  • They really need to give you the complete guide before you start, since you go shopping before you start. I went shopping before I got the complete book and bought 100% fruit juices (no added sugar) and potato chips that have no gluten or sugar (not cooked in soy oil). Now I find out I can't eat/drink them. Money down the drain.

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    mattmitchel  about 1 year ago by: mattmitchel

    It is really frustrating to buy tons of food only to find out you can't eat it. While I am no nutritionist, I imagine that potato chips are forbidden because they are loaded with saturated fat and carbohydrates, to say nothing of the additional chemicals typically found in processed foods. As for fruit juices, I typically cut these out completely when I'm restricting. Sure, they're made of fruit, and fruit is healthy, but do you know how many oranges it takes to make a glass of juice? There is a ton of sugar in fruit juices. You get more health benefits and fewer calories from eating fruit and not drinking it.

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