Why aren't there any rest days?

  • On my calendar for the first month (I'm true beginner) I noticed there are no rest days? I've always thought you are supposed to have a rest day in your weekly workout routine.

    musicalmrrry   by: musicalmrrry
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    faithxxxo  9 months ago by: faithxxxo

    Hey! As a Pilates instructor, I get asked about rest days a lot too! This program seems to include mobility and stability, and those types of sessions are considered rest days as they are not high-impact, high-intensity strength or aerobic exercises, but are working on recovering your muscles & joints so that they can perform effectively. On my rest days, I still enjoy yoga or a walk and stretch to help eliminate muscle tightness & soreness.
    Hope this helps! Have fun:)

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    GalacticHero  9 months ago by: GalacticHero

    Also, the 15 Minute Mobility is a rest day

    • Mandywhiz
      Mandywhiz 9 months ago

      I agree with the first response and also think they are trying to keep you from breaking the habit of skipping a day of exercise. It's so easy for many people (including myself) to have one day off turn into two and then three, etc. So, I think they add the mobility days to not only help your muscles recover, but to keep you going in the programs.

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