Why can't I find the DB15 Workouts in the Daily Burn Tracker app list of exercises?

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    mmj614  over 1 year ago by: mmj614

    You have to change your program to DB15. To the left of the discover button is a Program button. Change yours from Intelliburn to DB15.

    • randper
      randper over 1 year ago

      No, I mean in tracker.dailyburn.com, when I want to track an exercise, you don't have prepopulated the ones from DB15.

    • mmj614
      mmj614 over 1 year ago

      Oh I'm sorry. You won't find them there becasue they have never linked the two. It makes sense that they would and I think they are working on it to become avaialable sometime in the future. People have asked this same question in the past.

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