Why can't I have dairy?

  • Honestly, I don't think dairy is so evil. In fact I think drinking a glass or two of milk a day is good for you. Now, I'm willing to give up on the other 4 "evils" but I highly doubt I can give up on milk. Also, I noticed that there wasn't any oatmeal on the list...

    I don't...Maybe I am being picky but I have a done diet where it's only shakes in the morning and it didn't work. I'm in school full time and I have a job. I need energy and I will fail if i'm not properly fuel.

    The dailyburn protein shake might be it, who knows, but based on my experience I've NEVER felt full on only a shake. I'm too busy.

    Kjar2490   by: Kjar2490
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    absers  5 months ago by: absers

    It depends on the kind of dairy you have, from what I have looked into. The only dairy that is actually worth consuming, nutritionally, is dairy right off the farm. Otherwise, it tends to have either a lot of fake, artificial stuff floating around in it, or it doesn't have all of the nutrients needed for the dairy to be properly absorbed, so it becomes more difficult to digest.

    • Celestestarr
      Celestestarr 5 months ago

      I totally understand how you're feeling. If you're interested in getting a better understanding of dairy, if I may suggest, watch the documentary "forks over knives" You can see it on Netflix or I think on their website. It's incredibly informative ad is backed by a 20year study done in China. You can also see info on dairy here... http://www.forksoverknives.co... Hope that helps. Happy working out! I love this program!

    • bbydaull
      bbydaull 5 months ago

      I have the same view as Celestestarr. The book "The China Study" sure brings a new light to animal products and how unhealthy they are for us. "Forks over Knives" is a great place to start learning this information. "Food Matters" is another good one. It's been proven that dairy is mucous forming. It can ignite asthma, allergy type symptoms, etc. I hope I don't sound too preachy - I'm just very passionate about it. There is so much out there that this world / media tells us is good for us when it isn't. From my own experience of getting off of dairy and only occasionally eating meat I can tell you that there are a LOT of good plant based products out there to keep your taste buds satisfied. One of my favorites is Califia brand almond milk. Once you've cleansed your body from dairy you don't really crave it anymore. I would have never thought I could live without cheese! Good luck Kjar2490!!!

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    AMixon379  5 months ago by: AMixon379

    This article explains the "No Dairy" idea behind Ignite: http://dailyburn.com/articles....

    They do allow for almond milk and almond butter which can be found in the natural section of most grocery stores.

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