Why can't I have eggs for breakfast?

  • Hi, I'm a noob starting today. Problem is I live in Brazil and there is NO daily burn shakes here! How can I replace them and why can't I have eggs instead? Eggs are not dairy, not soy products, don't have sugar and are pure protein! If I had the shakes here, I would buy them, but I can't even buy them from you because their entry in Brazil will force me to go to Customs and show a recipe from a physician to get them. This is SOOOO complicated!

    leticiamaria   by: leticiamaria
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    RWinzer  over 2 years ago by: RWinzer

    so no one actually answered the question - which was why NOT eggs? I'm reading this as they are trying to make it simple...and cooking eggs may take a slight more minutes than making a shake. But I'm having my egg whites, onions & peppers & spinach (tossed in at the last minute) since it's one of my favorite breakfasts and follows all the rules.

    • workit
      workit 10 months ago

      sounds like a great breakfast to to me too and i would love to know if anything is wrong with that forgetting the shake for a minute.

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    leticiamaria  over 2 years ago by: leticiamaria

    I just wanna thank you all that answered me. I am doing worse than I expected at this diet, partly because I can't live without fruit for breakfast and partly because I KNOW I am not allergic to yoghurt - I already lost weight consuming it. But thanks everyone for your patience and help!

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    rhaden  over 2 years ago by: rhaden

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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