Why can't I view the entire calendar for the program?

  • When I click on the calendar, it only took me to my very first day of the program. I couldn't see past that day. Am I doing something wrong? I started the Cardio Sculpt program on Saturday. I'd like to be able to see what is coming so I can choose additional workouts to do.

    kellylutz18065   by: kellylutz18065
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    RedcrossReborn  over 1 year ago by: RedcrossReborn

    What screen were you on when you clicked calendar? When I click on the calendar button I get a pop-up with the whole month and it shows the upcoming workouts for the program.

    • RedcrossReborn
      RedcrossReborn over 1 year ago

      Strange. I clicked the "View Full Calendar" link and it worked fine for me. Maybe you should contact Support? Could be a technical issue.

    • kellylutz18065
      kellylutz18065 over 1 year ago

      I clicked in and out a few times, it worked! Thanks. Must have been a glitch.

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