Why did my workout summary tell me I didn't burn any calories?

  • I just did TBT day 1 yesterday via the iOS app and the Intelliburn meter showed that I was burning calories. But when the workout was over and the summary screen appeared it said I burned no calories. Does the final Intelliburn tally appear anywhere on the web site so I can know how much I burned?

    CharlieW77   by: CharlieW77
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    michaelk  over 1 year ago by: michaelk

    The only thing I can think of is did you somehow not enter a weight into the site? Could it be related to that?

    • CharlieW77
      CharlieW77 over 1 year ago

      I did log a weight a few hours prior to starting the workout. And like I mentioned, the Intelliburn meter showed up and told me how many calories I had burned so far, I just didn't take note of it because I assumed there would be a final tally at the end.

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