Why do athletes eat bananas?

  • If high glycemic is bad for you, why do some athletes eat them?

    rich   by: rich
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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Bananas have a lot of potassium, which is great to replenish after a hard workout. If you are avoiding bananas, try eating an avocado, mushrooms, salmon, or squash. If you eat a sushi roll with salmon and avocado, you'll get the potassium without the carbs.

    • bohdel
      bohdel over 1 year ago

      Aren't carbs also important for athletes? I know as a runner I flail without enough carbs in my system.

    • TG1227
      TG1227 8 months ago

      All carbs are not created equal. Complex carbohydrates give long lasting energy without the burnout that you get from sugar and gluten products.

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    fasce  9 months ago by: fasce

    bananas are a good energy source without giving you a stitch in your side

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    TG1227  8 months ago by: TG1227

    Bananas are full of potassium and replenish you after a hard workout.

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