Why do the recipes it gives me each day include things I am not suppose to have on ignite?

  • I have noticed, like today there is a blueberry bar that includes banana. But on the ignite sheet it says we are not suppose to have banana. I have been following these recipes but it seems I may be eating things I should not????

    tdyreng   by: tdyreng
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    ErinP123  about 1 month ago by: ErinP123

    I think the bananas comment on the ignite guide was in reference to the shakes. Many shakes out there rely on bananas as sweetener, but on ignite they want to help you shed weight, so they recommend you avoid the sugar-heavy bananas on a daily basis. The blueberry almond energy bars are supposed to be a post-workout fuel type snack, so it's okay for you to have 1/4 of a banana with each one. As long as there are no "evil 6" ingredients, I would say you're fine.

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    brandiep1982  about 1 month ago by: brandiep1982

    Ya, I've seen this question asked a lot, but I haven't seen a response to one yet. There are several things we are not supposed to have but are in the recommended recipes... maybe they have more than one nutritionist tackling this stuff that are not communicating very well? Or, it could just be the communication to us, the consumers, is not as clear as it could be (like maybe we aren't supposed to have these things unless they tell us to, which keeps those certain items at a minimum?) I don't know. But hey... I say, as long as the evil ingredients aren't in it and it is in the recipes... go for it. That's what I have been doing. And with the workout and sticking to ignite, I have lost 7.5 pounds in the last 4 weeks! :)

    • tdyreng
      tdyreng about 1 month ago

      Nice job on your loss! Thanks for the response

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    natombomb  about 1 month ago by: natombomb

    I found there is a discrepancy among us users and even the daily burn folks in interpreting the "approved grocery list" as a finite list of approved foods vs. a grocery list containing approved foods. If we read the approved foods grocery list as the latter, than those recipes do fall within the guidelines of ignite.

    I don't think any of the recipes include gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, artificial sweetener, or added sugar >10g per serving. Some people get thrown off by the use of cocoa or semi-sweet baking chocolate - which are within the ignite guidelines because of the low sugar.

    Which recipes or items, in particular, are in the recipes that you do not think are on ignite?

    • natombomb
      natombomb about 1 month ago

      I wonder if its because 1 banana for the recipe makes 4 servings. So you're only eating 1/4 of a banana with each bar...

    • tdyreng
      tdyreng about 1 month ago

      That could be it :) Thank you for answering

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    VickyCab81  about 1 month ago by: VickyCab81

    Unfortunately I am not much help in this area as I really didn't use too many of the recipes on here. I took what I would normally eat and adapted it to meet the rules. There are plenty of websites with paleo recipes that would be helpful to you. I would just make sure you watch the sugar content. There is plenty of yummy food you can have so don't deprive yourself.

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