Why don't your programs give us a correct form and motion page at the beginning of each workout?

  • It is very difficult to follow most of these workouts because the contain moves many of us have never seen before. How do they expect us to figure out the move and do it right when there is no step by step instructions showing us how to do these moves. If we don't do them right we loose effectiveness of the move and stand a better chance for injury. I've been an athlete my whole life but there are tons of moves I have never seen before and can't get the move down when they have no step by step for us to follow.

    songbird   by: songbird
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    Drmonroedvm  6 months ago by: Drmonroedvm

    Watch them first, pause, then rewind until you feel comfortable. Don't push yourself unless you feel confident you're doing it right. I felt that way with the dance moves, but got better when I just replayed the moves I knew I wasn't doing right.

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    papercut2k  6 months ago by: papercut2k

    Agreed. Most of the time the movements are simple enough but other times I have to waste ten or so seconds to watch just because the instructor says "oh we're doing the same thing for x rounds you'll pick it up." I injure my lower back for a few days because I didn't do sprawls correctly. :/

    • TheodoraDailyBurn
      TheodoraDailyBurn 6 months ago

      We're sorry to hear that. Definitely watch before trying the moves if they're new to you, and feel free to take the easier modifications.

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