Why I can't see my realtime statistics on the graph

  • I just got my Polar H7 HRM, while I cannot use it on my iPad 2 (Bluetooth compatibility) I can use it on my iPhone 5. However, the real issue here, is that I cannot see my realtime statistics on the graph, and I don't see the zones I need to be for the ideal work out. Is this an issue of my monitor? does it only works with your monitor?

    Nani11   by: Nani11
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    Besthealthnownj1  5 months ago by: Besthealthnownj1

    I had the same question! I was told that it syncs to iPad 3 or higher :(

    • Nani11
      Nani11 5 months ago

      how about the iPhone 5? does it syncs to iPhone 5??

      thanks by the way

    • Nani11
      Nani11 5 months ago

      I guess nobody at dailyBurn cares!!!

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    nathanielcohen  5 months ago by: nathanielcohen

    Hey there. Sorry you're having issues. If you email support@dailyburn.com they should be able to help you out. Thanks for letting us know!

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