Why is this site is not linked with Tracker?

  • I joined here with the impression that this site was an improvement from the tracker site and was really disappointed to find out that you can not track your meals and exercises here. Are you going to link the two or add a tracking here? If not I will not renew my membership here.

    joybell38   by: joybell38
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    misssandy  about 2 years ago by: misssandy

    It's amazing how many people have asked the same question and dailyburn just keeps ignoring us. The tracker site and this site are totally different and not linked in any way at all. It's disappointing and frusterating that dailyburn keeps ignoring the needs of its paying customers.

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    dsansoucy  about 2 years ago by: dsansoucy

    Same here ... I'd like to track done exercices and calories burned

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    Anthony  about 2 years ago by: Anthony

    @misssandy We aren't ignoring the question... There are a few posts over the last few weeks regarding this that we've chimed in on. Here are a few: http://dailyburn.com/communit... , http://dailyburn.com/communit... .

    • misssandy
      misssandy about 2 years ago

      Ok, let me revise my previous statement, you arent ignoring the question, you are not satisfying the needs of your clients. With this many people asking for the same thing, dailyburn should do something to satisfy this need. What I (and many others) want is simply a way to track the workouts from here. We just want to be able to search for these workouts on the tracker site so we can better monitor our progress.

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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    I am very happy with how this site works right now. I don't want to track my food or exercises, I just want to exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy most of the time. All those tracking tools make living healthy way too complicated in my opinion.

    • brucelemieux6412960
      brucelemieux6412960 about 2 years ago

      I understand that, it's not everybody who want tacking everything they eat, but me I doing it. And I find it stupid to pay 2 times for have 1 complet service (workout and nutrition).

      Or if you want have 2 separate services why tracker is soo expensives. I will pay 10$ for the workout of dailyburn, but not 10$ / month for the tacker. For free I have the basic informations and it's enough (calories, protein, fat and carbs)... To have others informations (fibers, sugar, vitamins etc...) I will pay 5$ lifetime, but never 10$ / month... I already pay 5$ for the scan in-app.

      The tacker is a amazing product, but the price is not amazing and I don't know who will pay 10$ / month for this.

      Dailyburn team, just make 1 account and you will increase your sell. Because I don't know how many people renew the membership, but I think it's very low.

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