Why no bananas?

  • I can't find any information on why we can't eat certain foods that don't seem to contain "The 6" any more than other foods do.

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    Faithispower  11 months ago by: Faithispower

    I think the diet plan on here is great and I whole hardheartedly agree with them on the 6 foods you should not eat at all if you want to be healthy! Having said that I have used a slightly modified version of it and have to make it more sustainable & I have still gotten great results. I do eat Bananas fairly regularly and think they are fine to eat for most people, I do believe however that they are one of the fruits that are higher on the glycemic index and I would think that is why they say to avoid them. The cool think about bananas is that depending on how ripe they are they are almost 2 completely different fruits! If you eat them when they are firm and still a bit green they would not be nearly as high on the glycemic index and have something called resistance fiber in them (which helps your body to burn fat and calories) as well as the sugars in the banana at this stage are much more complex so they are processed more evenly by the body avoiding a blood sugar spike which can cause the body to over produce insulin and subsequently cause your body to store fat... So I would say Avoid Bananas once they start to ripen and get soft and brown because at that point they are almost pure simple sugar and if your going to eat them, do it when they are firm and slightly green. I find them w/ a small hand ful of raw or dry roasted nuts to be a great pre work out snack if I have gone too long with out eating but still want to get a work out in before eating a full meal.

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      Thanks! I appreciate your thorough response. I guess I better get out my "BIG" book of fruit and veggie nutrition and see what is higher on the glycemic index and what is not. I was thinking of them as a pre-workout food because I often am working out at a time long before I eat and I get pretty drained if I don't have something to eat before and directly after.

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