Why would DailyBurn be advertised through my Xbox One but not have a corresponding app?

  • I signed up precisely because it was advertised through my Xbox One. Frustrated.

    SummerPinch   by: SummerPinch
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    jessriz  8 months ago by: jessriz

    You can login on Internet Explorer on Xbox One. Search for DailyBurn using Internet Explorer and click on the DailyBurn link.. On the main page, click that you are outside of America. You should be able to login that way.

    • rebeccadonnelly
      rebeccadonnelly 8 months ago

      worked! thank you

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    Dutchess  8 months ago by: Dutchess

    Under the devices tab it says XBox 360 has and app but nothing about XBox One.

    • zada11
      zada11 12 days ago

      I was excited to do this , but I have a Xbox one cant play this on it . Why advertise on hulu and it not supported through it. Will probably cancel

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