Will I overdose on vitamins?

  • I stopped taking my women's multivitamin when I started Ignite, since there are so many vitamins in Dailyburn Fuel. I do however still take my fish oil. My Dailyburn tracker keeps sending my notifications that I'm not getting certain vitamins in my diet. I stick to all Ignite recipes. I also noticed that the nutrition facts for the shakes do not show all the vitamins & minerals that are listed in the Fuel powder. Should I take the women's vitamin or will that be unhealthy for me to get too many vitamins and minerals? I noticed Dailyburn sells a supplement. Is that safe?

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    phormalitize  over 1 year ago by: phormalitize

    I actually usually err on the side of taking fewer vitamins - if you're eating a healthy diet, you should be getting the vast majority of what you need from your food. I look up some of the requirements for the more "important" vitamins - in my case, I judge those to be calcium, iron, and a few others - and if it doesn't seem like my diet will provide them on a regular basis, I supplement on days I feel like I might need a boost for one or more of them. Thus I own a lot of very specific vitamins and fewer multivitamins. ;)

    That said, some vitamins, like C, are water soluble and I never worry about getting too much of them as long as I'm staying hydrated. Hope this helps - it's all very specific to your diet and what you're comfortable with!

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      seeEricaRun over 1 year ago

      I completely agree with phormalatize's post, regarding eating a balanced diet rather than supplementing, with the following exception: In many parts of the US, it is nearly impossible to get enough Vitamin D through much of the year, which is converted from precursors by ultraviolet light. There really isn't much vitamin D in the diet. Some is added to dairy products, but it's not generally enough.

      Yes, it is possible to overdose on vitamins. And yes, you are more likely to overdose on the fat-soluble ones (A,D,E and K) rather than the water-soluble ones. It is more likely, however, that you will just waste money. The nutrition researchers where I went to school used to tell us that vitamin supplements just make expensive urine (with a few exceptions, there is no evidence for supplementation, certainly not mega-supplementation and most of the vitamins in the supplements will just be urinated out).

      Finally .... technically, calcium and iron aren't vitamins, they are minerals. (Nitpicking, sorry!)

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