Will starting a video from the library section disrupt your current program?

  • I just read a question about running two programs at once. I went to the discover/library and was able to see all of the videos. I am now worried that if I click on one it is going to mess up the program I already have running. So if I do click on one to do an extra video now and then will it restart or stop the program I already have running?

    db1abgcjq   by: db1abgcjq
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    cinephile23  11 months ago by: cinephile23

    That's an easy one: No! I use the "discovery" feature all the time to do workouts from the recovery program. It is does not disrupt the current program I'm working, Cardio Sculpt. It's true that you can't do two programs concurrently. But you can certainly do workouts from any program in the "discovery" feature without affecting your present workout calendar.

    • JoeyP
      JoeyP 10 months ago

      Yeah .... you can do other workouts every now and then I do it all the time

    • db1abgcjq
      db1abgcjq 10 months ago

      Thank you very much!

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