Will working out to the dailyburn videos enough for weightloss?

  • Do I have to incorporate cardio too?

    nsrajan1989   by: nsrajan1989
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    anjag  about 2 years ago by: anjag

    You can definitely hit your weight loss goals with the dailyburn videos! There is a great mixture of strength, cardio, and interval training to get you where you want to go!

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    tech4moms  about 2 years ago by: tech4moms

    There is plenty to get your heart pumping in several of the programs. Check out Inferno for some serious cardio action.

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    kaseyc1988  about 2 years ago by: kaseyc1988

    Currently with Ignite and the work out videos I am 13 pounds down. I can definitely tell more definition in my arms. I started with Inferno- it is REALLY hard! I have been a gym rat for the past 2 years- and wanted to do something different- Inferno KICKED my butt! I like to switch it up a bit with Cardio Burn and Kettlebells. You can definitely lose weight and get fit on their programs! I wish I discovered it sooner!

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