With 4th of July coming up I was wondering if people would be willing to give ideas for snack foods such as fresh salsa and guacamole etc.

  • I will be grilling chicken and meat but want to have options so I am not tempted watching everyone else snack on chips and dip. Also would gluten free tortilla chips be okay to eat during ignite?

    macanzierose   by: macanzierose
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    AppleCore7  11 months ago by: AppleCore7

    The Daily Burn Life section has good recipes. I have found a traditional veggie and fruit tray to be extremely helpful. I fill it with what I know I can eat, along with homemade dressing. After filling up on vegg and an Ignite approved drink, I love Ice tea, I am less tempted by what is around me. If you like creamy dressing with your vegg, I would recommend looking for a coconut yogurt based dressing recipe or sub coconut yogurt for mayo and add your favorite fresh herbs. They can make all the difference.
    Oh! homemade guacamole would also make a great dip, or possibly a homemade bean dip. I make that with olive oil, garlic, cumin, paprika, salt and water to thin it out a little.
    I don't know if GF tortilla chips would be okay during the ignite phase considering they are normally filled with other ingredients not on the list. To make something similar to chips, it might be fun to try to make or buy kale chips or make plantain chips in your oven. They are really good and can satisfy the crunchy and salty craving. Hope this helps. Happy 4th!

    • macanzierose
      macanzierose 10 months ago

      Those are all GREAT suggestions! Thank you soo Much!!

    • Scootie08
      Scootie08 10 months ago

      I'm not sure what you can can cannot have on the ignite program. However, I also love hummus and veggies or a marinated raw veggie salad. Sweet potato / kale chips are always a hit too!

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