Withings Scale

  • Is there a way to link my Withings scale (which I bought when I used DailyBurn's renamed Tracker) to the new DailyBurn for my weekly weigh ins?

    LurbyJo   by: LurbyJo
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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    Right now, the Withings scale is only compatible with Tracker. We'll definitely look into this for DailyBurn though.

    • yuzadellenuvole
      yuzadellenuvole about 1 year ago

      Please add withings scale!!!! :D

    • rgreer4
      rgreer4 about 1 year ago

      Be sure to sync from fitbit too, to include their scale....which should be trivial. I love working out -- but retyping data drives me nuts. :) (The sync option was the first thing I went hunting for after starting trial, this post being the second.)

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