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  • Hello trainers and all women I would like to know what will be a good workout while your on your cycle because I get very weak on my cycle and I usually don't workout on my cycle but don't want to miss a week of working out.

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    betazoid  7 months ago by: betazoid

    First, make sure you're getting enough iron in your diet on a daily basis. Keeping your iron up will help you to avoid the iron (and energy) drain that typically comes with menstruation. On the flip side, keep your salt intake to an absolute minimum to limit the amount of bloating you experience.

    Second, you can probably do your usual workout but take it down a notch or two -- move at a slower pace, use lighter weights (or no weights at all), use a smaller range of motion, and generally take it a little easier on yourself.

    You may find that core strengthening exercises reduce cramping, and last but not least, yoga and other stretching exercises can be a good option when menstruation leaves you feeling like you have all the strength and endurance of a wet noodle. Again -- the important thing is to go easy on yourself and remind yourself that "this too shall pass." :-)

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      Thank you for your response

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    I would try dancing for that helped me when I had bad cramps. Its always a good idea to move around when you have cramps n such things when your Aunt Flow visits. My choice is Zumba games for I didnt try the ones on here yet she looks like fun too. Hope it helps:)

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