Workout blues (for lack of a better title)

  • I always workout right after work, but the last two days it has been raining right when I get off work. So when I get back to the house, I just do not want to work out (I've still forced myself, my heart wasn't in them though). Anybody else run across any similar problems? If so, any tips on fighting through it?

    moore3883   by: moore3883
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    YankDownUnder  over 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    I find after pushing myself every day, a day (or two sometimes) just doing a light workout helps recharge the batteries. Or just finding something new you haven't done before.

    Another alternative is see if you can find a friend who will work out with you. Nobody likes to look bad in front of their mates :)

    I post my workouts on facebook with notes telling my friends and family to give me sh#t if they don't see me posting them, that helps me along too.

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    arnthorla  over 2 years ago by: arnthorla

    Agree with the YDU just go out and do it, and keep it light if it makes it easier. The main thing is to do it and not let the weather alter your plans. Trust me I know this as I live in Iceland and I must be able to work out no matter what the weather throws at me.

    One tip to add to this is to use some music or listen to the radio to kind of have some thing to look forward to. So you are not so much working out as you are just listening to music or listening to some radio.

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    codemonkey2841  over 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    I workout after work as well, and I find that the longer I procrastinate about working out the less likely I am to actually workout. So the first thing I do when I get home from work is change into workout clothes. It helps mw get mentally ready to work out and if by the time I actually work out I'm still not feeling it, I'll do an easy or short workout.

    Lately I've been prepping for a couple of job interviews and when I get home I really don't feel like working out, but I force myself to do one of the 10-20 minute workouts at the very least. It only takes me away from my prep for 10-20 minutes and I ALWAYS feel better afterwards.

    • moore3883
      moore3883 over 2 years ago

      I remember reading a quote somewhere "You never regret working out, skipping a workout though..." Which has always held true to me.

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    Camiii0  about 2 years ago by: Camiii0

    I get those blues as well, but usually if i just start the video after about the first 3 minutes im glad i did it. If youre feeling like NOT doing, just press play on the'll end up feeling so great afterwards!

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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    Just make yourself put on your shoes. Usually that will do the trick :)

    Otherwise, just do a work out from this website! That way you will be able to exercise inside your home.

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    giovannihale  about 2 years ago by: giovannihale

    I used to have the same problem, but I found that napping for 90 min when you get homes recharges the body. I know it's counter to what many have shared but I found that after napping for 90 min ONLY (set an alarm ) you will fill recharged and workout will not seem so daunting to do. As well I adopted a mentality that may help from doing p90x. I would say to myself " Tony Horton ONLY has 1 hour of my time, and then I am walking away." It was my way of informing my mind and body that I only had to pay attention to this guy for 1 hour a day. I made it through the program one day at a hour a day.

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    topalka  over 2 years ago by: topalka

    I agree with what you put "you never regret working out, skipping one though..." That is SO true. When I had a trainer before she would always say "give me 5 minutes and if you still don't or can't workout then at least you tried, rather than sitting and not doing anything". I have never stopped once I have given that 5 minutes. Anyone can put in 5 minutes, right??

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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    There definitely is an element of just pushing through it. But I have a few tips that I use, personally, when I'm not feeling motivated.

    + I just try to start the process of getting ready. Once I've changed into workout clothes, I'll be motivated enough to put on my shoes; once I put on my shoes, I'll be motivated enough to pack my gym bag (water, gym ID, etc.); once I do that I'll be motivated enough to load up my car; once I do that, I'll be motivated enough to drive to the gym... and before you know it I'm on the treadmill :)
    + Make it as easy as possible for myself. Lay out my workout attire & gear before leaving the house so it's right there ready for me when I get home. Better yet, pack it with you so you can change at work. *And when I do this I make sure I let my coworkers know, so they can hold me accountable to getting into my workout attire before leaving the office!
    + Find the sounds that motivate you. Make a workout playlist that will get you pumped!
    + Schedule your workouts like you would any other appointment. I'm a little OCD about planning, so doing this makes me stick to a workout schedule!
    + Find ways to hold yourself accountable. I like YDU's tip below about posting workouts on Facebook. Try it, or use Twitter, or something like a Jux site to post your workouts (and lack of!) publicly. This is something I'm actually considering doing myself.

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    rwondra  almost 2 years ago by: rwondra

    I dont know if you already do this or not but you could try and listen to music while you workout. I always do that when I go for my walks. It relaxes me so I can center myself for a real workout.

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    johnstongirl11  almost 2 years ago by: johnstongirl11

    Happens to us all. Sometimes you just have to push through whether you want to or not and other times you really do need a break. Last week I didn't work out one day, but this week I completed all of my scheduled runs and exceeded my planned mileage. The key is taking a break when you need it and then getting back to it. However, that is the first whole week I have taken off since March (ran a long race and needed a recovery week). You don't want to take too many breaks.

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    mashapic  over 1 year ago by: mashapic

    look at the mirror naked and if you don't like what you see, than go workout.

    • babygirl16878
      babygirl16878 over 1 year ago

      I don't know if I would have wrote this on a forum but thank you for saying what many of us were probably thinking. The one thing I see that don't like gives me the extra push to go do it. Way to go!

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    michaelk  over 1 year ago by: michaelk

    I have a deal with myself that I will always start regardless of what I "want" to do. When I start, I usually continue.

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    Georgiabarrett103111  over 1 year ago by: Georgiabarrett103111

    I am the kind of person that gets tired of the same thing all the time so I have to put in some time and effort into finding different work out routines on the internet that I can do at home that I will enjoy. Still hard sometimes. Good Luck

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    hbarger  over 1 year ago by: hbarger

    I know exactly the feeling you are talking about!! It's so hard to get yourself motivated after a long day at work. Have you ever considered doing your workouts in the morning? Sure, it might involve waking up a little earlier to fit it into your schedule, but once you get your workout done it feels like such a weight lifted off your shoulders for the rest of the day! It's no longer a hurdle to face at the end of a long work day.

    As for not having your heart into it, it can get a little repetitive and boring doing the same type of workout day in and day out. Try mixing it up a little bit. A little Zumba, here, a little kickboxing there, a few Kettlebells, and maybe even a dash of Inferno! But most importantly, keep your head up!!!

    • babygirl16878
      babygirl16878 over 1 year ago

      I personally like to workout in the morning but I always try to think long-term because if not I don't know if I will stick to it forever. I have realized that I have many short-term goals for working out but I don't want the new diet or new workout schedule. I want a lifestyle change. I want healthy eating and working out to be part of my normal lifestyle. I guess all I mean is for me I would have to ask myself if I would be willing to get up at 5am five days a week for the rest of my life to workout (which for me is probably a no). I know it probably sounds silly but I need consistency or I can't stick to something.

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    SkylarChastain  over 1 year ago by: SkylarChastain

    Set up a treat/privilege that you ONLY get if you work out - it will keep you going!

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    jojoleb  over 1 year ago by: jojoleb

    Oh, heck, yes!

    This kind of thing goes in phases for me. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to do the full court press and I just don't feel like getting up in the AM and working out. Lately, the basement (where I work out) is cold in the AM and I really have to push myself to get going!

    I usually just get up and push play and most of the time I feel better afterwards. If I really just can't muster the strength (I'm just too tired), I dial it down and do a light work out or yoga. I always try to do at least a short workout, so I don't miss a day completely. (Using Daily Burn you can go for a low intensity or short option.) That often gives me a boost and I can come back to a full work out later in the day.

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    kehtx  5 months ago by: kehtx

    I love the sound of rain - I like being out in it, because I am usually all alone out there, laughing up at the sky. I like to splash! I am inside all day at work, so having the outdoors all to myself is a delight. While everyone else is scattering for shelter, I am out there walking around enjoying the free water.
    I don't work out at night, because my energy levels are too low at that point, and all I want to do at that point is eat some delicious dinner (I like to cook so that is not really a problem), and then relax.
    I work out in the morning, right after my coffee and green tea. While I'm drinking those liquids, I'm usually scrolling thorugh the articles on the LIFE tab, which is how I get my mind on track for the workout. My workout time is when I refocus on my goal for this year of making the outside of me match the person who I am on the inside (I'm going for total authenticity). I have a picture of me back when I was 35, looking quite fabulous, that is posted on my refrigerator and in my cell phone. I am now 55 - so I am going for a different kind of fabulous now. I'm still willing to believe that 55 year old women can be dangerously attractive, strong, and complex. I am leaving the middle aged flubber behind with which I have insulated myself, because that is not who or what I am any more. When I get home after work, if I have had a particularly crappy day, I like to do a short yoga workout, which invariably destresses me. If it has been a good day, I'll spend a little time simply enjoying the happy thoughts and feelings, going over what went right with my day. When I'm feeling depressed, tired, or sick, I'll give myself an extra hour of sleep (meaning I go to bed an hour earlier). This usually does the trick, and solves the motivation problem in the morning. I also am a reader - when I feel a bad mood either looming or thundering down upon me, I try to first do self-care, which for me is a cup of tea, reading a good-mood book, or writing down my feelings and emailing them to myself, or sometimes taking care of one task that is causing an inordinate amount of stress - and then getting in that extra hour of sleep. If that doesn't work, or I can't fall asleep, then I'll call a family member and try to shift my focus away from my problems and on to their life without any reference to anything bothering me. This can help me change my "mental" channel as well. When I take care of the mood, the motivation to workout is not a problem - I'll do it almost on auto-pilot. I find that quite a few of my perceptions on life change for the better when I get more sleep. I need 9 hours to feel this way. Fortunately, I am now in a position to give myself that luxury, as my children are all grown and I have removed myself from most toxic relationships. Just figuring out how to get that done is a stress reliever!
    I guess what I'm trying to say that my motivation to workout is based on my mood and energy levels. As long as I pay attention to self-care, the motivation is not a problem. So, my advice to you is: (1) treat yourself as you would a guest, with consideration and good manners, (2) eat your food as directed - it's good for you, it's delicious, and it helps with mood control, (3) manage your stress levels - reduce the stress load by taking care of the stressors, and (4) sleep as much as your body craves by going to bed earlier!

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    LaurenDG  5 months ago by: LaurenDG

    Try doing a recover work out like yoga. It'll lift your mood and disburse physical tension you're probably holding onto from work.

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    shaeon  4 months ago by: shaeon

    I have a similar problem. If I have any kind of emotionally draining situation, it is very tempting for me to skip working out and also eat unhealthy food. However, I started off with True Beginner three weeks ago, and in the second week I got bad news about the health of a family member. This caused my usual slump - a few days eating bad food and not exercising. By the time I returned to the program, if had moved up to level 2 of that series of workouts, and everything was harder - and harder even still because I'd spend 4 days not working out.
    So I will say one thing that has motivated me since then with DailyBurn is knowing that things are going to change, and I need to keep exercising in order to keep up with the changes. It helps that even though I know I can always go back and do the easier videos, I really want to keep moving forward.

    • Blezinha
      Blezinha 3 months ago

      I had the same problem.... but I fixed it with starting working out with true beginner in the morning. I have less excuses to not work out, I feel energized after it and it has been helping me get out of bed. So... maybe this will help you too? :) good luck!

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 2 months ago

      Good luck indeed, to everyone! One foot in front of the other and know we're always here for you when you need to sweat out all the stress!

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