Would it be cheating to know how many calories are burned during each workout, before the work out?

  • There is always a tally at the end so I know you have the data ;-P

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    natombomb  about 1 year ago by: natombomb

    A caloric estimate is available when viewing a workout on some devices. As an example, it does not show via the browser, but it does in the Andriod application. I find this extremely useful and will often go to that device when selecting an additional workout or meal planning for the day.

    I will caution though, because these are estimates, the displayed estimated calories burned is almost always more than the calories burned displayed during and after the workout. Like anything, its a guideline.

    I find the latter of the two to be pretty accurate (I'm basing that on my ability to lose weight and seeing visible changes in my body).

    Hope this helps!

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