WOW! Calorie estimater!

  • That was a great idea and it really gives you a little extra incentive.Thanks!

    splashangel   by: splashangel
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    mmj614  about 2 years ago by: mmj614

    I agree! Cool addition

    • qualtalk
      qualtalk about 2 years ago

      Thanks for this new feature - it was a welcome and useful surprise!

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    gwynneshoaf  about 2 years ago by: gwynneshoaf

    I also love this new feature, but how accurate is it? How does it calculate the calories burned if it doesn't know how hard you are pushing yourself in each exercise?

    • buckry
      buckry about 2 years ago

      It can't know with any certainty, but most likely that's the amount of calories the average user is burning. If you slack of you'll certainly burn less, if you really push it you're going to burn more. It's a guesstimation, nothing more.

    • mmj614
      mmj614 about 2 years ago

      I would like to think the 'Intelliburn' system at least considers your age, weight, etc.

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