Wow! I don't have a facebook account, and don't want one. Why is that the only way I can post a comment about a workout?

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    awesen  over 1 year ago by: awesen

    I don't believe having a FB account is required.

    • JimmyinTucson
      JimmyinTucson over 1 year ago

      yeah, below the workout screen is where I want to submit, but a popup window asking me to sign into my facebook account always comes up--

    • stiletto
      stiletto over 1 year ago

      I have the same problem. However, I really just wanted to track my own ideas about my workouts so I just posted to "My Wall" (listed under my profile). Maybe as DailyBurn grows they will include us "non-facebookers" in the conversation. Good Luck!

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    andysmith  over 1 year ago by: andysmith

    Right now we only allow comments from facebook. Sorry about that. You can still use all the other features of DailyBurn without a facebook account.

    • nethound
      nethound 6 months ago

      I do hope that is something you decide to reconsider. Not everyone in the world wants to participate in the carnival of triviality that is Facebook.

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