Wrong day on my food photos on IGNITE

  • I try to use Ignite App but every time when I shoot a photo of my dishes I obtain a wrong data info.
    Anyone has the same problem?
    Is it because I use your app in Italy (some problem of Time Zone)?
    With this problem your app is absolutely useless for me. Please fix it!

    yuzadellenuvole   by: yuzadellenuvole
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    rich  over 1 year ago by: rich

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've fixed it and will be submitting an update to the app today. It should be available next week, depending on Apple's review time.

    If you have any other issues, feel free to contact: support@dailyburn.com
    Thanks again!

    • sail
      sail over 1 year ago

      This has been a major problem for me too! I would LOVE to be able to edit the date of my pictures!

    • rich
      rich over 1 year ago

      Sorry about that! We have the update to fix the timezone issue in the Apple review pipeline already. We'll get another update out after that to let you edit the dates.

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