Your new workout plans look great- it there any thought of including a Ballet based system in the future?

  • 3 votes
    pepperdove  over 1 year ago by: pepperdove

    I also would LOVE a ballet workout!

  • 2 votes
    debarlington  over 1 year ago by: debarlington

    I think this would be a GREAT idea!

    • rhaden
      rhaden over 1 year ago

      Me, too! I studied ballet in my youth and loved it. I know I couldn't keep up in a ballet class now, but ballet-based fitness would be very satisfying.

    • thegirlonfiyah
      thegirlonfiyah over 1 year ago

      I totally agree! I've recently started the MOVE! program and enjoy it, but would really love to have a ballet component as well.

  • 2 votes
    mflynn  over 1 year ago by: mflynn

    Yes please! I take barre classes and it would be great to have this on here! Do all my workouts in one place :)

  • 2 votes
    Dmkolls  over 1 year ago by: Dmkolls

    I would love this too!

  • 2 votes
    wgay  over 1 year ago by: wgay

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

  • 2 votes
    jessbon  over 1 year ago by: jessbon

    What a great idea!

  • 1 vote
    helloteenahh  over 1 year ago by: helloteenahh

    A barre class would be pretty easy to do, you just need to replace the barre with a chair. I'd love for this program to happen :)

  • 1 vote
    clynnsky  over 1 year ago by: clynnsky

    I used to do ballet and always miss it and the stretches and warm ups, I think this is ana amazing idea!

    • clynnsky
      clynnsky over 1 year ago

      Who doesn't want a dancers body and flexibility right!?!! lol! There are gyms near me that do ballet barre workouts and it seems really awesome other than it costs an arm and a leg!

    • Bathsheba
      Bathsheba over 1 year ago

      Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Ballet and Pilates!!!!!

  • 0 votes
    emuravyeva  over 1 year ago by: emuravyeva

    a ballet workout would be awesome. I miss dancing a lot.

  • 0 votes
    manita  3 months ago by: manita

    I also would like a ballet workout as I was a ballet dancer (over 20 yrs ago). LOL

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