Success Story: How a 15-Day Challenge Changed My Life

Ryan Nolen

Age 23, Graduate Student at Kent State University
DailyBurn member for three months

Before After Ryan Nolen

Dorm Daze
Ryan never really paid much attention to his weight or diet. As a graduate student, it was easier for him to quickly pick up and eat fast food, like French fries and a burger, between and after classes than to cook meals. “I didn’t watch the amount of carbs or sodium I was consuming,” says Ryan. “I would just buy food that said it was lean or made from whole grains because I thought it was healthy.” Working out was non-existent in his schedule. It wasn’t until Ryan started a new job that he decided to make a change.

A New Job
Ryan was hired as a freshman orientation guide at his college — the first job that required him to dress up for work. He decided to go shopping for some khakis and was shocked when he tried on his first pair. The pants were a size 40 — which Ryan had been for years — and they were too small. He bought them anyway as motivation to help jumpstart his weight loss.

A New Routine
While watching Netflix one night, Ryan came across an ad for DailyBurn. Realizing that he had exactly two weeks before his job started, he signed up that night and did the first workout. “It was so addictive,” says Ryan. “And there was no excuse to skip a day — each [DB15] workout was only 15 minutes.” Ryan lost 15 pounds just after the challenge, and was down 22 by the end of his free trial. When he went to put on his khakis for his first day of work, they were a little baggy. “My co-workers started to notice I was looking skinnier, which felt great,” says Ryan. “That’s when I was like ‘OK, I’m fully committing to the DailyBurn program.’”

The Next Steps
Ryan continued working out with DailyBurn, choosing Move! with trainer Keaira Lashae as his next workout series. “I can’t dance, but for 30 minutes, Keaira’s encouragement made me feel like I could,” he recalls. In the following two weeks, Ryan did each of the seven workouts two times, and when he got tired of dancing, he switched to the Cardio Sculpt series. “I’ve tried workout DVDs before, but I always got sick of doing the same routine every morning,” says Ryan. “It’s definitely one of my favorite features about DailyBurn — the variety of workouts.” He began doing Cardio Sculpt in the mornings, starting with Butt, Hips, Thighs. “There’s one move where you have to hold a squat for thirty seconds,” says Ryan. “It was so difficult, but I kept listening to what the trainer, Anya, was saying — it’s only thirty seconds so you can’t justify not doing it!”

Future Forecast
Ryan is sticking with his DailyBurn sessions because he continues to see results. “I take it one day at a time,” he says. “I’m also adding Ignite to my subscription so I can focus on eating better, too.” Ryan has been using the DailyBurn Tracker app to keep tabs on his diet. He’s paying attention to nutritional information other than calories, and keeping his carbs below the amount recommended by the app. Ryan also purchased dumbbells and an exercise ball to use during the workouts. “It’s optional but I’m dedicated,” he says. “I even do some of the additional exercises that came with the ball post-video.” Ryan talks about DailyBurn so much that his transformation motivated six of his coworkers to sign up for the free trial. “When I can put on new clothes that are a smaller size and look good in them, it’s the biggest confidence booster,” says Ryan. “And I have so much more confidence in myself now than I’ve ever had in my life, thanks to DailyBurn.”

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