We Ran It: LivingSocial’s Glow-in-the-Dark 5K

While the rest of New York City geared up for a typical summer Saturday night, DailyBurn team members and friends decided we’d lace up our sneakers and get our glow on. LivingSocial’s Glow-in-the-Dark 5K Dance Party, an event hosted in several cities across the U.S., came to Queens, New York, and we were ready to run.

This 5K race is less about running fast and more about having fun and “glowing for a cause.” LivingSocial uses proceeds from the event to donate 500 solar lanterns to school children in Somalia by partnering with Mercy Corps and d.light, two organizations dedicated to providing electricity for those in need.

After arriving at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, our team found each other amid a sea of glow stick-wielding participants dressed in black and neon. Thanks to our highlighter-yellow DailyBurn shirts we stood out (in a good way) and gathered for a pre-race powwow and photo opp. The event’s DJ pumped up the runners while everyone cracked their glowsticks and danced around to pop music — we were ready to glow!

As daylight faded, we headed over to the starting line with our fellow participants, who were sporting glow-in-the-dark wigs, rainbow tights, neon tutus and a variety of glowstick jewelry. The DJ cheered us on and sent off the first wave of runners. As we started in the fifth heat, it took our eyes a few minutes to adjust to the lights surrounding the first few meters of the race. We quickly got into a groove, though, and jogged as a group through the winding and decorative course around the stadium parking lot.

Because the race lane was fairly narrow, we had to be quick on our feet and dodge in and out of numerous participants who walked the course. Glow-in-the dark structures and tunnels made of Christmas tree-like lights kept us entertained along the course, but unfortunately there were several curbs and cones that were not as easy to see. It’s safe to say we unknowingly may have cut a few corners.

Though this might not be the race for someone focused on clocking a fast time, the Glow-in-the-Dark 5K is perfect for exercise fiends who moonlight as party lovers, and vice versa.  We may not have had the most triumphant finish — due to the large crowds funneling into the stadium for the dance party — but we did leave Citi Field with a fun sense of accomplishment.

To find LivingSocial events in your area, visit www.livingsocial.com, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter