Meet the Guy Who Did 10,000 Burpees (and More Broken Records!)

It’s Monday, and you know the rule: Never miss a Monday. (Really. Here’s why.) So we recommend starting the week off right — like with these incredibly awesome, just-busted world records that include everything from an insane amount of burpees to the Buffalo Bills fans’ crazy-loud crowd noise. After soaking it all in, we’re gonna safely bet that you’ll be taking on the week feeling seriously inspired.

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Monday Motivation: 3 World Records Inspiring Us Right Now

1. Josh Zitomer, Most Consecutive Burpees, USA
When someone breaks a record, it’s awesome. But when someone breaks a record all in the name of raising awareness for a good cause, it’s even more so. Case in point: Josh Zitomer, an elite Ironman, who participated in a “Burpees for Change” contest at a Reebok Spartan Race last weekend in New Jersey. Zitomer successfully completed 10,000 continuous, chest-to-floor burpees in 48 hours, marking the most consecutive burpees ever recorded in the United States. Think about it: basically nothin’ but burpees for two straight days. Donations, which were requested online “by the burpee,” all benefitted Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive Foundation, whose mission is to combat the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV. So next time you groan when hitting the mats, channel this athlete’s feat to put a little more spring in your step.

2. Rodney Hahn, Most Pull-Ups in 12 (and 24!) Hours
When you’re in your fifties, smashing world records isn’t something you may think about. But 54-year-old Rodney Hahn (mislabeled by a fan as 57 in the above home video) sure did. And at around midnight on September 13, the Virginia Beach native crushed two separate workout world records — most pull-ups in 12 hours, 4,310, and for most pull-ups in 24 hours, 6,737. Hahn, a personal trainer with a degree in sports medicine, now has his sights set on an even loftier goal: to become the 2016 American Ninja Warrior. Think he could take on Isaac Caldiero?

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3. Ralph Wilson Stadium, Loudest Crowd Noise
There’s something about football season that gets everyone riled up, regardless of whether you’re at home, at a sports bar or of course, in the stadium. And last night, the Buffalo Bills’ fans attempted to break the Guinness Book of World for the “Loudest Crowd Noise,” which was previously set last year at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. Bills’ Head Coach Rex Ryan is a boisterous one himself, known on the football scene as a hothead — but one you’d want to play hard for. And Ryan did his part in whipping the locals and his roster into a froth, convincing them that the game was gonna be a check in the W column. (Sadly, the Patriots came out on top, beating the Bills 40-32.) While the jury — rather, adjudicators from the Guinness Book — have yet to share whether the record was broken, it definitely sounded deafening from our TVs.

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as the Buffalo fans showed yesterday afternoon. Simply hit the mat or the track, and just pretend that those fans are cheering you on, and that you can do as many burpees and pull-ups as Zitomer and Hahn can. Because anything’s possible on a Monday.