The Weekly Burn: News You Can Use

The Weekly Burn

We know, we know, everything in moderation. But it turns out that glass-of-wine-a day-does-the-heart-good,” is really only true for a small percent of the population that have a certain gene. Plus, we have advice on how to break down a potential personal record (PR) into smaller steps and a sweat-inducing resistance band workout you can do at home. Keep reading to get the full scoop on these stories and others that have caught our eye this week.

Swimming for Beginners

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Better to Break Up

To us mere mortals, the difference between a 2:10:59 marathon and a 2:11:06 marathon is mere seconds; to an elite runner, it can make or break their race, and ultimately, their career. But how does an athlete dig deep enough to best their opponent by as little as a hundredth of a second? According to the new book Faster, Higher, Stronger, it’s all in how they view their goal. (LinkedIn

You Might Want to Become a Teetotaler

We’ve got good news and bad news: A recent study confirms that moderate alcohol consumption may help protect against coronary heart disease. However, only 15 percent of the population has the genotype that makes this true. So for those who have the gene, drink up! (Just remember, the key is moderation.) (Science Daily

Photo: Pond5

Photo: Pond5

Friday Night: You, Me and the Weight Room

If you’re anything like us, you try to avoid a few “types” at the gym. Maybe you prefer to get in and out and on with your day. Well, if you’re looking for a nice, quiet fitness environment, skip happy hour and instead get a special deal at the gym on Friday — the whole floor to yourself. Data collected from the Jawbone UP fitness tracker shows that the last day of the workweek is usually the least active day of them all. (Self

We’re With the Band

Excuses abound to skip the gym this time of the year — from the cold weather to a holiday party you just have to attend. But with one simple resistance band and nine moves, you can get sweaty and torch some serious calories wherever you are — even in your own living room. The benefit of creating tension? You can generate muscle confusion much faster, because your body parts are constantly working at different intensity levels to keep you stabilized. (Well + Good)

Mindful Eating Tips

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Psych Your Appetite Out

A new study shows that we eat for a myriad of reasons, but actual hunger is rarely one of them. The researcher coined the phrase “the mindless margin,” which refers to the range of calories you can overeat or under eat without realizing. This 200-calorie range can add up to about 10 pounds a year, but through mindful munching tweaks such as not leaving food out and picking at it all day, you can close that gap. (Time)

Sugar on a Fork

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Oh, Sugar, Sugar

You know sugar’s not good for you, but just how bad is it and where can you find the latest information about guidelines when it comes to consuming it? A new site called SugarScience is a public health initiative chock-full of information about the saccharine stuff. A team of researchers at UC San Francisco pored through more than 8,000 studies to find quality information and made it easily accessible to the public, including how to recognize sneaky sources and concrete steps you can take to cut back. Pretty sweet, huh? (SugarScience)

We’ve Got a Fever and the Only Rx Is More Marathon

We’re still fired up after the NYC Marathon and resolving to conquer it again next year. If you’re thinking the same thing, here’s your 12-month running plan to get 26.2-ready by next fall. ‘Tis the season to commit. See you in Staten Island! (Race Pace Jess)