WATCH: Filmmaker Takes Soccer Tricks Around the World

World Cup Soccer Video

Photo: Pond5

Soccer, football, the Beautiful Game… whatever you call it, it’s hard to deny the artistry in motion of the sport. And with the World Cup kicking off today, we thought it only appropriate to share this captivating short film of one man’s soccer-inspired journey around the world.

“Some friends have told me, ‘it’s not about soccer — it looks like you’re dancing’”

 A copywriter by trade from Montreal, Guillaume Blanchet filmed himself juggling a soccer ball as he traversed the globe over the span of two years. The result? A picturesque montage of Blanchet performing various tricks with a soccer ball in some of the most beautiful places on earth. The short film, entitled BOUNCE: This is not a freestyle movie debuted on Vimeo earlier this month. Featuring over 100 scenes from Morocco, France, Greece, Canada and beyond, the film was recently selected for several prestigious awards including the Cannes Short Film Corner, the Chamonix Adventure Festival and the Brussels Short Film Festival.

“Some friends have told me, ‘it’s not about soccer — it looks like you’re dancing,’” Blanchet tells us of his film. He confesses that at first, he didn’t think he was qualified to be the main freestyler in the movie. But, with a ball as his faithful travel companion, he decided to press on with the project. In the first part of the video, we see Blanchet juggling on sand and snow, in narrow alleyways and open fields, near waterfalls and historical monuments. The second half contains outtakes of sorts, with Blanchet passing the ball to people — and a few friendly animals — he encountered on his journey. “[I wanted] to show people that it’s not all about me,” he says. “It’s about the many people around, watching and having fun.”

Score some motivation by watching the video, or “animated postcard,” as Blanchet refers to it, below. You might just be inspired to dig out a ball and practice some freestyle moves in your own backyard.